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Pre-registration notice
If you received an invitation, or would like to add your business into the VIP directory, feel free to send a mail to Susan with the Following informations:
  1. Name of your Business
  2. URL of your Website
  3. Owner's Informations
  4. Establishment Year (has to be at least 2 years)
  5. Number of Servers (Min. requested: 2)
  6. Number of Customers (Min. requested: 50)
  7. Do you propose Online Sales and/or Tech support ?
  8. Do you own your SSL Certificates ? Who delivered them?
  9. Do you propose Secured Payments Pages ?
  10. Do you have Redundancy DNS ?
  11. Do you provide a User Control Panel ?
  12. Do you provide Uptime and Money back Garantees ?
  13. Are your server's softwares updated ? (Please provide apache, perl and php versions.)



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